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Awwwyes! I decided to make one for me too;

There you will find works of mine of course but I'll also be reblogging tutorials and tips that I find useful (been discovering that tumblr has a lot of resource tutorial wise) so you can enjoy too!

Casually I will also post and reblog random crap too, because I can and because this is what people do with their tumblaaaaar right?

See you there!

Figured that a lil bit of self-promotion wouldn't hurt don't ya think?

Also, are many of you on Tumblr? I'm thinking about making one too maybe.

Have a lovely week-end and holidays Folks :)

So my to-do-list lengthened pretty well :'D Thank you!

I am also available for commercial work or for other specific things that you may have in mind but is not listed below. In this case you can send me a Note here or reach me on my email:

Have a lovely day and thanks for your interest!

Anyone there?
I'm currently drawing gifties!…
"Do you sell online?"

I was asked this question so many times at conventions, and it was about time for me to fix that. So I opened an Online store and while I'm at it I thought I'd share!

Welcome to the Nono Shop! There you can get prints and/or framed prints but also many other goodiiiiiiies featuring my work. Do ya want a Toon Link mug? Or a Waifu pillow maybe?

You can have access to the store by clicking on this nifty link just below:

That's all for the news. Laters, Folks! Have a wonderful night and Thanks for your attention.

Thank you all for the kind wishes.

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 22, 2015, 11:00 AM

I just wanted to dearly thank every person who took the trouble to leave a message or to write a note for my birthday. Your words and attention are deeply appreciated.

I'm sorry I believe that I've been less active than usual this year. I have been around a lot, experimenting a lot too. What's cool however is that I've got to meet in person more people this year, especially at conventions! I hope I can make this dA page as much alive as it used to be in the future.

Thanks a lot to all of you once again, for your words and for your support over the years. This definitely had a huge impact on my artistic life. Love y'all.

And please take a look at these beauties:

Inkling Neige by Chibi-Nuffie


Happy birthday R-no71 by Gexani


Fancy Braid Cuties by mochikoTiger


Inkling Neige by Divert-S


A Hint of Color in the Shades  of Grey by Aeon70


[HBD]To. Nono by Melky9714


[Gift]The White Inkling by MOK-AXE

Have a beautiful day Folks! Thanks for your time.

Screentones Avatar Commissions (Closed)

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 4, 2015, 5:00 PM


Those are cheaper than the usual ones ($13 or 1300 :points: each). You'll be given the exact same thing in the end, as in a 300x300 pixels version as well as 8 smaller variations, respectively 100x100 and 50x50, just like the examples shown below:

No animations too fancy for these. I want to keep them simple. Possibly expression change or glows if you really want but this will require some extra bucks / points.

Above are just examples, the color of the eyes will be fidel to your character's.

Send me a note with a reference of your character or use the widget on the left part of my main page if you are interested. I can draw just about any character.

That's all Folks! Thank you and have a nice day/night :)

Hello there Canadian folks!

You'll be able to find me in the Artist Alley of Otakuthon 2015!
Booth n°296! Don't be shy and say Hi if you happen to find me there!

Till then! Take care :)
Hey Folks!

I am going to attend Anime Expo this year. I'll be there with :icongquin: and you'll be able to find us at our booth as we fart around in sync.

Somewhere around here

If you plan on going to the convention, please come and say Hi! C:

Thanks for your attention! Take care!


How surprised I was today to see people telling me their "Congrats on the DD."

Splat that by R-no71

Thanks a whole lot to lolcraft for suggesting the picture, and thanks very much as well to Lyricanna for the feature! It certainly was a nice surprise.

Also, thanks a bunch to everyone who's been giving their support to me, whether it is since a long or short time.

I sure appreciate it, along with the fact that it helps me to move forward.

Have a lovely day Folks!
Hello people! I am going to attend Florida Supercon 2015 as an Artist, thus you'll be able to find me there in the Alley of the same name. Amazing.

Apparently close to the yummy food court so you can pass by and say Hello as you go grab yo snacks and dwiches!

If you plan on going, do not hesitate to visit my booth :D Hope to see you there!

Also after this convention I'll be attending Anime Expo, Los Angeles! Thou shalt get more informations in due time.

Thanks for your attention, have a nice day Folks!
A lot of people suggested this in my last poll, so be it.…
Working on a full-body picture.…

The link:…

Still working on Honey

This kitty here ==> :iconmangostaa: is in desperate need of money at the moment, and you can do something to help! It turns that her commissions are open right now and with a 50% discount for most of them at that;

Plus Mangostaa is quite the talented and neat artist, like, seriously:

Chibi Commission by Mangostaa Gabriel Commission Smaller by Mangostaa Orangecheer Commission by Mangostaa
Omiza 150 by MangostaaHolly Smaller by Mangostaa Cee  Smaller by Mangostaa::Comm-PencilTales:: by Mangostaa
Pencil Tales Commission by Mangostaa  Stephanie Contest Prize Smaller by Mangostaa Mango150 by Mangostaa
Jade the Ocelot Reference dA by MangostaaFilia Reference Commission Completed by Mangostaa

So if you do the calculation properly, you'll realize that you end up with a beautiful picture for a decent price, a happy artist, a happy yourself, good picture and good karma! So many days made in so many ways!

Just below is the related Journal. Make sure to check it out:

Commissions : OPENMangostaa Commission

Facebook | Tumblr | | Instagram
Please email me at: mangostaa[@] or note me.
READ COMMISSION INFORMATION HERE: COMMISSION INFORMATION <- What to expect, refund policy, etc is listed there.
Additional Charges
Extra Character - Same price
Background - $25 / 2500 :points: + Depending on what is requested. One color, simple gradients, and shaped backgrounds are free of charge.
NSFW Content - $15 / 1500 :points: + Depending on what is requested.
*Some of these options may not be ava

Thanks a lot for your attention and for your help everyone. Take care and have a nice day/night :)
There is someone there who is clearly ripping off and tracing my work.

I asked them to take these pictures away but my messages are ignored and deleted.

I know how to proceed when it's about art thieves on deviantART but I'm a little unsure about what to do when it occurs somewhere else.
Care to help if you are more aware than me?

Here is the Facebook page in question:…

Thanks for your attention.
Not because someone already reached it, but because I was demonstrated how easy it would be to cheat about it nowadays |D

I am so has-been. I've been striked right in the midst of my excitement :iconfaceshovelplz:

I will find something else to do to make it up.

Let's pretend nothing happened! You folks can resume a normal activity from now.

Oh and have a nice day!
Today January the 7th, 2015, 3 heavily armed gunmen launched a terrorist attack against the satirical newspaper "Charlie Hebdo" office in Paris, France. Aside from the fact that murdering someone is already a horrible act in itself, what happened today is quite symbolic I think.

12 innocent people (and possibly more) died during the attack. Those were artists, cartoonists, writers and journalists, along with 2 policemen too. They were killed for expressing their opinions. They were killed for making drawings and comics, and picturing their ideas. They were killed for the same thing that you, I, and thousands of other persons here on deviantART are doing. "Charlie Hebdo" is quite the humorous newspaper and making fun of basically everything. They were killed for making people laugh their asses off!

France is quite in a state of shock and deep sadness right now and I have to say that I am, too. This is a direct attack against the freedom of speech and several artists found death today, which is an unspeakable shame. I do want to address my condolences to the affected families, and my thoughts are with those who lost their lives during this extremely sad event. Those people who had FUN written all over them.

Aimez-vous les uns les autres, bordel de merde.