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I thought I'd stream a bit of Freedom Planet gameplay for a little while.

Sadly I can't put the mic on since I am in a youth hostel and there are people sleeping around me, but you can come and chat if you feel like it.

Maybe can we also watch some animu stuff or something too.

See you there!…
To say Goodbye to my old computer.

After being my loyal companion since 2008, I believe that my old Dell Vostro is finally about to give up the ghost. Lags, crashing programs and now the Ctrl key starting to seriously going Herpa la Derpa, I think it's almost time for me to find a new sidekick. Actually the reason as to why my learning of 3D stuff and other animations has been slowed down and put on hold is because my old buddy cannot handle those programs. It's gonna be heartbreaking to leave it as I've done every of my projects and drawings with this big-ass computer since I started to learn arting, but that is the cycle of life I guess :')

Thank you so very much for everything Gérard! You've done a fantastic work over the years. Yes my computer is called Gérard.

And guess what Peeps, you can help me start to save money from now by buying my mugs just below! :)

Paypal and Point Commissions - 10 slots left
Character belongs to Pozzy on FA
Blink Animation: $18 / 1800 :points:
A simple blink animation of a character. By ordering this, you get:
- 1x 300x300px version
4x 100x100px versions
- 4x 50x50px versions (not displayed above)
- and the same kind of layout as shown above. (but as a Flash File, so best quality)
It can be anthro characters, humans, robots, Sonic Fan/Official characters or anything.

Blink + Animated mouth/expression: $22 / 2200 :points:
Other extra-animation and fanciness will add to the final price, tell me your ideas through a note if so.
Many more samples there:

Squiggles - ID: $22 / 2200 :points:

Thanks for your attention!

All Hail Gérard!

This week-end in Montréal QC occurs Otakuthon, which is the largest Anime Convention of Québec if I am not wrong.

I'll be attending there most likely for the 3 days, not as an artist this time but I'll be cosplaying as Spy from Team Fortress 2. I am not really a professional cosplayer as this is actually the first time that I will do that to a convention, but I'm doing it mainly for the luls.

Around me, you may happen to see Alice Margatroid :iconsevencolorsalice: in her bootyful attire, probably fangirling over every Touhou thingy she notices and dropping oranges boxes.

If you plan on going there too then do not hesitate to come and say hello/bonjour if you happen to see one of us. Alice wants to practice french with you.

And whatever you plan on doing this week-end, I wish you to have lots of funs. :)

See you!
Kind of getting tired that whatever I post doesn't reach the Inboxes of my watchers 90% of the time.

I mean come on, it worked perfectly fine back in the days. Before adding new functionalities to this website it would be nice to make it work normally like it used to be. I am giving you roughly 25% of my earnings when it comes to point commissions so I at least expect you to do your job.

I am patient and all but this has been going on for months now.
I am going through some bad phase and feeling uneasy, and I don't even feel like arting at all. My inspirations are gone and it goes the same for my motivation.

The commissions I owe will be done shortly, though.

That is all. Take care of yourselves and see you later.

Available on Steam:…

Go and appreciate the hard work and passion of these guys! C:

And mostly, have fun!

So it turns out that I'll be an exhibitor at the Artist Alley of the 15th Anime Festival of Orlando, 25-27 July 2014.

If you ever plan to go there, don't hesitate to come and say Hi if you happen to see my booth! :D

Till then, take care!

I honestly can't stand that.

That is all!
Would be nice if you could stop having those silly bugs on me and if you could simply do your job and show what I upload in my gallery to my watchers. Either they don't get anything at all in their inbox or very late. It's getting really annoying, I happened to have this every once in a while but now it's everyday.

You changed, dA. You're not the same anymore. I don't know what messed up... You don't love me anymore, that's it? Please be honest.

Even that journal, I'm not sure if it's gonna go through or not.

I feel like spending some points for Artz.

Show me samples! :)
On May the 13th, I received $4 on my Paypal coming from Charlie L. with no attached note or anything. So I don't know if this is related to a commission or something else... a donation maybe? XD

Dear Charlie, if you read this, please don't be shy and send me a note so I can know who you are and what this is about! Thank you! ;D
Because of BAD internet!

I've been having some serious internet troubles since 2 days and it is slow as hell, even for browsing only. I have about a dozen commissions already done but I can't upload them now because I keep having real slow internet with endless disconnections, I'm even crossing fingers for that journal to go through lol

Thanks for your attention and I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I do hope this won't last for too long because that's a real pain! It's even way worse than 56k.
This is happening!…

Soon you'll be able to transfer your old pals from Hoenn to Hoenn through some magical Wifi trip.


So she can get funds for school and living expenses, and buy more broomsticks and Celebration Cookies as well.

Here's the girl:

==> :iconsevencolorsalice: <==

And below are some samples of what she's offering; the kitty draws Sonic stuff, Pokémon stuff and human characters as well. Also you'd be happy to know that she accepts both Paypal and Points, and all you need to do to get more informations is to visit her main page where all is explained clearly.

Alice and Blaze by SevenColorsAlice
Lance by SevenColorsAliceInsane Witch by SevenColorsAlice
Chili Dog by SevenColorsAliceFuton by SevenColorsAlice
Sonic by SevenColorsAliceInsane Witch Colored Ver by SevenColorsAliceMoon Blast by SevenColorsAlice

Hope it helps, witch would be fabulous. Good luck!
That may sound like something awfully hard to believe for some, but the truth is that one can have a real life aside from deviantART!

Don't look at me like that, ain't lying bro! Seems like some persons have a hard time to understand that, and I've also been noticing some comments that would let think that I don't care about the messages I receive or something. But Nono happens to be busy! To those professional stalkers, you may happen to see me online often because I check out my account every once in a Mawile (rofl) to see if I have any new commission request to do; My commission work is indeed what allows me to travel and roam here and there and nothing else (currently in Alberta, is anybody from there here? :dummy:) so again, I get benefits from deviantART in profit of my real life. THEN, when I find some time somewhere in said real life, I can sit my ass and reply to some messages that might be a bit less important; not saying that your messages aren't important at all to me, but I reply first to stuff that can allow me to eat everyday and to sleep under a roof, can you understand that? PRIORITIZING is something important in life in think.

Thanks for your time, Bye for now Folks! :salute:
I said Don't!

Boy, Reverse Psychology surely is efficient.

Also Dear whoever is reading this: you have a nice booty
I'm planning kind of a possible exciting trip from April/May to... I don't know, starting from Vancouver and along the West Coast of the United States, and I'd like try to make it match with some interesting events that could happen on the way. Interesting events, to me, include festivals (music, cultural, any kind), conventions (anime, comics, video games), or anything you think it's worth mentioning. If you can think about some must-see places outside from events, don't hesitate to leave an input as well! I am already looking for this all on my own, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to seek for advices directly from native persons, or from people that would know the places pretty well. Nothing is defined yet since I am only just at the informations-seeking step now, but I think that something pretty cool could be possible :)

I am open to anything. Thanks for reading!
Edit/Spam because I can, and because I want moar battelz!

Also if you don't want to give me your code publicly, you can send me a note if you prefer!

Mine is:

4871 - 4601 - 9840

Name's Nono

Bring it on!