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April 22, 2013


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Get ready for the longest Journal ever!

So my trip to South Korea is over since some days already. It feels it was short actually, but I surely enjoyed my time there :) I took an important amount of pictures and I decided to upload some of them here if any of you feels like taking a look at them;  Pictures are not worth the actual thing but it's good to take anyway :')

One of my main occupations there was to visit many palaces and temples, thing that I enjoyed a lot and especially when they brought me in particular ambiances and atmospheres I've never been in before. This surely was a nice and interesting experience for me ^^

Busan at night; every main cities of South Korea tend to become flashlight-cities once night is here~

Skyline of Seoul at sunset. I wish my camera wasn't so poopy though ;u;

That dude engaged a staring contest with me... and won.

Han-hary got her own fast-food

I visited the Seoul Animation Center, which is also a place that hosts a library and a Cartoon Museum. I got interviewed there and shared some of my work :dummy:

On the left: I don't know what this means but it reminds me Melky9714's comics.
On the right: an animal that I found and which reminds me of the same person.

Random pictures of Seoul... and an emperor penguin.
I had a space to fill so I googled it
Joke, I actually went to an aquarium
Which was in that golden building above
Called Building 63
The tallest building of South Korea
That shit is fucking small


The Manwha Museum of Seoul! Which was something very interesting for anyone is interested by comics or anything related to characters and stories and stuff, I think a lot of people here would love to see this ^^
One of the places I enjoyed the most I think.

Because dragons kick ass

I'm sure you recognize some of them buddies.
This was an outdoor sign for some restaurant...

Han-Hury pictured my meeting with her and tangmyun. I'm sorry Han, but I found this way too cute to keep it hidden :')

As I did some volunteering in animal shelters, I met some cool and friendly little buddies. Just as William above, who has become my best friend for a day.

A random character I've doodled for someone that I met on my way ^^ I happened to do this several times during my trip...

Korean food, my new love. Some stands even wanted to give me some food for free but in the most cases I didn't dare accept, lol. :')
On the right: supposedly one of the spiciest sort of ramens you can find there. At the end of my trip I was able to eat that in one shot; my throat was in fire everyday but I REGRET NOTHING

A picture of me with my new friend! uhuh
Don't be fooled by the serious face, I swear he's very friendly.
And I'm not that dwarf, he was cheating and standing on a sort of podium

I went to a Comic and Anime convention, and took some pictures of Marisa and Alice to tease someone. And of Reimu too, because she's beautiful~

Some stuff I've doodled from things I've seen in a museum. One of them is a fake, I let you figure out which one...

As you might expect, that guy is pretty much everywhere in Seoul; By this I mean that I stopped to count on how many advertisings I happened to see his face. Hey Psy, share with me your bank account. Haha. No, seriously.

On the left a picture I took because I found the image pretty. I'm not sure but I think it has been inspired by a stereotypical picture of France, I'd like to try that game now.

On the right: Nono was there!

Little story that happened once in the subway: I was standing up with my travel bag in the back because there was no vacant seats in the train but this was not something I really cared about, then a rather old woman came to me to leave me her seat; I couldn't accept and I tried to explain her that it was okay since I was going to get out of the metro 2 station later, then she started yelling at the whole train... from what I've understood, she was scolding everyone for not letting me a seat ;; I felt so FUCKING bad...

Mmh... I have an impression of Déjà-vu here...

Melky and I went to a cafe and I think she tried to tease me with some fastness challenge that she obviously won hands down. She had the time to draw a bunch of sketches while I was inking only one, from her too.

Jeju Island is a very pretty place ^^ I got enchanted by some of its beautiful landscapes.
Something interesting is about the odd statue you can see on the third picture above; you can actually see this kind of statues everywhere on the island and apparently no one knows their origins nor their precise significance.

Other thing: people on that island seemingly enjoy drawing eyebrows on their dogs to make them more... expressive.

I went to a funny and sweet place called "the Museum of Sex and Health" :iconohstopityouplz: I let you imagine what you can hear when you pick up the phone, or what happens when you follow the metallic path around the girl without to touch the edge. I can't really upload any other picture from that place or else my DA page would become X-rated

Seems to be a custom to make Stadiums looking like spaceships. (see Montréal's)

Some robots making some cool stuff (yep, they were moving)

Melky and some other artists recently published an Illustration book Sonic-related and she offered me one :') I'm not sure I can reveal what is into so I'll keep it closed, but this is surely a precious gift that I shall cherish forever, hehe :D


If you've read everything, congratulations! :XD: I wish I could express more properly my feelings toward my trip, but I shall keep precious memories from it in my mind, including the places I've seen, the people I met... the food I've eaten!
One of my best memories still being my meeting with Han-hary,tangmyun and of course Melky9714 :)

To Canada now! ...soon

Thanks a lot for reading, I am proud of you, soldiers!
That's all Folks! :dummy:
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StefanTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
I am absolutely very sorry for commenting so late. ^^;
I am truly stunned with the many amazing things at South Korea! I'm very happy you enjoyed it at the fullest! So cool to see Sonic and some characters and PSY in some places! And the landmarks and sceneries are absolutely beautiful! It really does look like you've had a tremendously fantastic holiday there! :thumbsup: :highfive:
Ipun Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohh~! Looks like someone had fun <33 > v <! I might be flying there in a few years for sure haha, I've had my eyes set on this
place since I was like 12 hmmm.
Next year might be going to Japan as a Graduation gift... I'm super nervous since I might be meeting up
with a few friends over there too ; __; asl;'sdfg

Did you already know some Korean tho? Haha > v <
R-no71 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
Going to Japan for a Graduation gift sounds like... a fabulous Graduation Gift to me! :'D

I never went to Japan so far even though I was really nearby that time. This is one of my dreams to finally get there and I know I'll do it eventually.
You might like South Korea too. That Anime convention I went to is hosted in Seoul every month so you might get the chance to go and cosplay there as well :)

Meeting friends that live in the other side of the planet surely is something special, I was all happy meeting them.

And my korean language knowledge is derp, I learnt their alphabet and a very few words to help me survive there, but the most time I stuggled finding someone who can speak english when I needed some help ^^ Ah well, that was really fun and I enjoyed anyway.

Excuse me for the late reply, I'm having a hard time to keep track of all them messages uh ^^' Thanks for your comment!
Ipun Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha thank you, thank you > v <'// stills a maybe depends on how good I do~!
but hopefully I'll graduate in top 10% haha <3

Aww don't worry, the chance to go will arrive eventually  (^▽^) Did you go to Korea
as a business trip? Or was it just for the sake of having fun and taking a break from
aaaaall work > v  < ? Because from those pictures I can tell you sure had so much
ANd what? Every month? Gosh that's great <3 Did you take any pictures of cosplayers?
Korean cosplayers are some of the best cosplayers out there (^ω^)♥:// if I ever get the chance to go that'll be one
of my main venues to visit and I believe so, a completely different atmosphere from the usual one
must be a great experience.

Oh wow, hahaha really? I did think you knew how to speak Korean but as long as your knowledge helped
you survive then I guess it's fine, Korean seems like such a hard language to learn... specially their
pronunciation > A <'//  and their writing system///

But anyways~! AHHH Don't mind at all <3 In fact I appreciate the fact you bothered replying ; __; thank you.
AGH and this is another long message pffft, sorry~!<3 > v <'// don't feel like you need to reply right away
or at all. I still appreciate your time. Thank youu!!!
SonicRanger-1 Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That is so awesome! X3
JET-Ann Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
한국의 매력은 난 코엑스 라고 생각해.
LozzaLolzor Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
dis journey mayun
korea looks fabulous :D
glad you liked it there eueueeeueueue
Lefla Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
bienvenu à la maison et merci d' avoir partagé ton exéprience et de m avoir fait découvrir ce pays... le héros est il rentré transformé de son voyage? :)
amerindub Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
Great journal! I would love to go there.
Christina2929 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Looks Awesome! :iconbunnyglompplz:
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