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44 deviants said So many beautiful entries, you all deserve to win to me
21 deviants said Like, holy quack
12 deviants said It is so ducking hard to decide and to "pick" winners among all the entrants
9 deviants said ...I believe that I am not going to host another Contest anytime soon after that

Devious Comments

RazorVolare Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
contests suck..
MintsyWinterBlue Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank god a comment that speaks for me ;-; But at the same time ;n;
ClayDemirio Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Calm. Time is a gift that will not go return back for a second.
So be happy :)
Chibi-Nuffie Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Take your time, this is always the hardest part about every contest :nod: Especially when the price is something like this

But please don't take too long, I bet I'm not the only one who's all nervous at this point X'D
BlazeDriver Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would pick Melky's. That's just me though. Pick Melky or I stab a bunny jk maybe
Shirokaze2012 Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago
As much as I'd hate to speak against my own entry, I see two amazing entries that really deserve something.
YokoTW's entry The Indian Summer by YokoTW ( ) has a simple yet pleasing colour pallet and a great concept around it. The simple brush strokes in the background actually give it a stylized look that really works for it despite not being too detailed. Of all the entries, I'd say this one is probably my favourite.
and Melky's entry CE : Good Autumn Night by Melky9714 ( ) Also has a simple flat colour style that sort of gives it a paper cut out feel. The colours are also bright and cheery which makes it nice to look at and really catches the eye.

I'd obviously pick my own entry to win, but putting myself aside, I'd say these entries really do stand out above the others.
BlueStylz Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist
take your time :33 i know it can be rly hard to decide. i hosted a few contests myself before. 

also i´d not suggest to make a voting for this. 
mochikoTiger Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I definitely know what you mean!  After I host a contest I feel like a horrible person for a while...  XD  It isn't fun at all!  But contests are made to be fun and to have winners, so I'm sure no one will hold anything against you if they don't get picked.  You got some very lovely entries~!  Just pick whatever you feel is right.  uvu  :heart:
ScourgeyDaHedgie Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
take your time ;v; we can wait ♥
poolvosje Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Maybe eating chicken helps? ;o;

maybe ask your friends to help deciding it?
just take all time you need to pick :huggle:

cause if you ask people to vote then people go ask their own watchers to vote  and to let the watchers of the watchers vote .w.
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